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In response to the recent, ever changing updates, and in response to the recommendations set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Urban Outreach Denver will be making a few changes pertaining to Thursday night Community Dinners. We know many are wondering how COVID-19 will affect you, your church, and your volunteers. Here are some changes we will be making, effective immediately:

1. UO Denver remains committed to maintaining our presence in the Five Points neighborhood while taking extra measures that affect the way we serve dinner. We believe the church has a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a very vulnerable group during this time. We want to do everything possible to show hope and love while also protecting our community and our volunteers. 

2. We will not be serving a sit-down dinner in our building and will instead be distributing to-go boxes and drinks that will be set up just outside of our doors. These meals will be bagged and will include a printed Christ story as well as resources for what to do if an individual thinks they are experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

3. Volunteers are still asked to arrive at 5:00 PM. However, rather than setting up the room for the sit-down dinner, our time will be spent boxing the catered meal and preparing drinks and setting up an outdoor distribution station as well as cleaning up from our preparation (wash dishes, put supplies away, clean counters).

4. We are asking all volunteers to wash their hands upon arrival and to wear gloves. If a volunteer is experiencing any respiratory symptoms, we ask they refrain from coming that evening. 

5. We will be limiting transfer contact and will instead have everything ready to go for easy pick up and go distribution. 

Of course, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and make any changes as needed. We will be closely following the city and state guidelines and therefore we will reevaluate on April 7, the day Denver Public Schools are currently scheduled to be closed until.

Thank you for your partnership and for loving our community and standing with us to be a beacon of light and to show the love of Jesus. We appreciate you so much!

About the Father’s Business,

Isaac & Jaime Olivarez



"All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals, and to prayer." Acts 2:42

How do you reach a city? A neighborhood? A community? One table at a time.  For the past six years, we have devoted ourselves to cultivating community around feeding thousands at the dinner table, while sharing the good news of Christ.  We recently reached an amazing milestone by hosting our 300th weekly community dinner!  


Each community dinner is marked by the abundance of food — this truly is a feast — which exemplifies the abundance of Christ and who He is.  Black table linens, table center pieces and live music add to the richness of the evening. What’s most important about our Dinners is the 10-minute Christ story.


You are more than welcome to join us and see for yourself how God is moving at our weekly community dinners. As we say each week: “We want you to eat as much as you possibly can tonight. We want to roll you out of here. But no matter how much you eat tonight, you’re still going to wake up hungry tomorrow morning! But, the Bible states that if you receive what Jesus has to offer you, you will never hunger nor thirst again!”     Pastor Isaac Olivarez


OUR Story

In 2012 Isaac and Jaime Olivarez created Urban Outreach Denver, a non-profit organization that was designed to help them start a church in the heart of the city. The goal was to give the hurting, the homeless, and the broken a church of their own. They began meeting people and ministering to needs out in the streets, parks, and alleys by distributing food, clothing, hygiene items, and winter warmth in the cold months.


In May 2013, they began hosting meals in a space they had just leased, as a way of bringing together the people whom they had met out in the neighborhood. But the plan was still only in step two of a three-pronged approach (street outreaches         shared meals           launch the church). The

hope was to use the meals to build deeper relationships and use that momentum to launch a church that would meet in the same space on Sunday mornings. From May to September, the meals were met with a wonderful response, as nearly 100 people crammed into a tight space for a hot meal, conversation, prayer, and a short message from Scripture.




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